How to pick a Realtor.

You are about to complete one of the biggest transactions of your life. Something that must be done well and with the utmost care. So out of the 14,000 Vancouver area Realtors, which one is right for you? What exactly makes a good Realtor?

Top three reasons why you want JOSH as your Real Estate Agent:

1. Experienced with negotiation.

Before being licensed in Real Estate Josh spent 10 years in Tools & Equipment supply and was responsible for purchasing 10's of millions in tools every year. Negotiating the best price and terms is essential to every successful real estate transaction. A lot of Realtors have little to no prior experience in real world negotiation, and an overheated Vancouver market has reduced many to order-takers.

2. Trained in Customer Service.

Whatever you're selling, you must know how to treat the people involved in the transaction. Not only has Josh been working in sales for the greater part of his career history, but he's been highly trained and groomed along the way. Now able to provide a customer service experience that is second to none, rest assured you will always be treated with respect and never feel like a paycheque.

3. Knowledge of the product.

Would you trust the opinion of a Car Salesman that had never changed a tire?

Josh grew up in a house of do-it-yourselfers and knows what it takes to build a quality home. From the wall studs to the light switches, his hands-on experience with construction and renovation gives him a significant edge over the competition. Can your realtor spot amateur finishing work? Have they ever used a power tool? Are they up to speed on new building materials and best practices?

Josh not only loves to sell homes, but is always on the look for his next fixer/flip project. His experience will save you time and money: knowing what to look for, and what to avoid.

Call Josh today and choose a Realtor with the right credentials.

Real Estate The Right Way

Whether buying or selling, I am dedicated in treating your transaction with the utmost of care and trust. Call, text or e-mail me with any questions you have about buying or selling real estate.

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